Amazon Kindle 7 (2014)

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Review summary for the Amazon Kindle 6 (2014)

  4.6 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 6 reviews from magazines and websites. Rev...

Review: Amazon Kindle (2014)

  4.5 5
The journey of Amazon's Kindle eBook reader has been one of constant distilla...

Amazon Kindle (2014) review: A Paperwhite experience (sans front light) at Rs 5,999 - Tech2

  4 5
Amazon Kindle (2014) has been launched in India and this is the first time th...

Amazon Kindle 2014 review: Continues to set the standard

  4 5
The latest Amazon Kindle is simple, affordable and all you could ever need.

Amazon Kindle (2014) review

Fancy an ebook reader but don't want to spend a fortune on the top-of-the-ran...

Amazon Kindle eReader

First Impressions: Amazon's entry level ereader is cheap and mostly cheerful

Amazon Kindle (2014) review

  4 5
Amazon turns the page for the basic Kindle model

Amazon Kindle (2014)

Amazon has offered budget e-readers for years, but its newest Kindle now spor...

Amazon Kindle review (2014 eReader)

  3.5 5
Once upon a time, Amazon's Kindle eReader with a touchscreen would set you ba...

Amazon Kindle (2014) Review

  4 5
Bookworms on a budget will find the Amazon Kindle e-reader a real bargain.

Amazon Kindle (2014) review

  3.5 5
Good, better, best. That's what you're looking at when it comes to Amazon's K...
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