Army of Two (PS3)

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Review summary for the Army of Two (PS3)

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 326 reviews from magazines and websites. R...

Army of Two

  3.8 5
Anyone who listens to our weekly podcast or has heard me ramble on for the pa...

Army of Two

Army of Two (AO2) has a unique selling point (USP) and that is the co-operati...

Army of Two

  3.3 5
Until Gears of War 2 comes out, this is a good co-op itch scratcher. While no...

Army of Two (Xbox 360, PS3) review

  3.5 5
Games with a cooperative focus are few and far between. It's a mode that real...

Army of Two Review

  3.4 5
Army of Two proves that it does take two to make a thing go right.

Army Of Two

  3 5
There is a wonderful story surrounding the making of the recent ‘Rambo', in w...

Army of Two

  4 5

Army of Two

  3 5
While many 1st and 3rd person shooter games have incorporated a coop mode in ...

Army of Two Review for the PS3

  3.4 5
My Bellicose BFF.

Army of Two

  3.5 5
As the title suggests, Army of Two features a dynamic duo of contract killers...
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