Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

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Review summary for the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

  4.4 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 716 reviews from magazines and websites. R...

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight

  4.5 5
Edge lighting works very well. Slightly lighter than the Simple Touch. Memory...

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch (Late 2011) Review and Ratings

The Nook Simple Touch is a more-than-worthy competitor to Amazon's 2011 Kindl...

Find Yourself a Comfortable (All-New) NOOK and have a Good Read

I have to admit I have had a life long love affair with books. I love the sme...

Barnes & Noble Nook Touch review

The all-new Nook (aka the Nook Touch) is Barnes & Noble's follow-up to their ...

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader Barnes & Noble Nook Color

  4 5
Sharp Pearl E-Ink display, great touch experience, great battery life, small ...

Barnes & Noble ‘All-New NOOK’ review

Barnes & Noble took the wraps off of its latest eReader, the “All-New NOOK,” ...

Barnes & Noble (all-new) Nook First Impressions

Yesterday, Barnes & Noble PR called. Today FedEx showed up. Later this aftern...

Barnes & Noble Nook review (2011)

  4 5
The new Nook from Barnes & Noble has this funny little trick: I keep on readi...

Barnes & Noble Simple Touch Nook Review: This Is The Ereader You Want

Barnes & Noble's Simple Touch Nook is not a reinvention of the ereader in any...

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch review

  4 5
Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch
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