Bionic Commando (PS3)

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Review summary for the Bionic Commando (PS3)

  4.2 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 89 reviews from magazines and websites. Pe...

Bionic Commando

  4.1 5
Swinging back into the hearts of gamers. If I had to pick one developer this ...

Bionic Commando

In 1988, Capcom released Bionic Commando for the NES.  It was a side-scrollin...

Bionic Commando Review

  3.8 5
It started with a remake, now it's a reboot.

Bionic Commando - PS3 review at Thunderbolt Games

  2 5
There's little gamers appreciate more than a great swing mechanic. The sensat...

Review: Bionic Commando (Sony PS3)

My most anticipated release of the year to date did not disappoint. Bionic Co...

Bionic Commando

  3.5 5
I could start this review by reminiscing about the original Bionic Commando g...

Bionic Commando

  3.5 5
Let's talk about staying power shall we? While some games, like the Mario ser...

Bionic Commando

  4 5
Bionic Commando will frustrate many gamers, but get past the initial swinging...

Bionic Commando review for the PS3

  3.4 5
Super Joe just isn't as "super" as he used to be.

Bionic Commando

  3 5
Getting around the city can be a thrill, but it wears off a little too soon.
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