Blast Factor

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Review summary for the Blast Factor

  3.9 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 8 reviews from magazines and websites. Peo...

Blast Factor Review

  3.5 5
While it's no Geometry Wars, if you have some friends to play it with, Blast ...

PS3 Review – Blast Factor

  3 5
Blast factor is a top-down shooter controlled primarily with the two analogRe...

Fallout 3 DLC - Point Lookout

  4.5 5
The fourth instalment of Fallout 3 has finally landed. 'Point Lookout' comes ...

Blast Factor UK Review

  4 5
Ultimately, Blast Factor is a fun but fairly shallow game that definitely doe...

Expert Review

  4.5 5

Blast Factor Review

Interesting combination of shooting, tilting, and repelling enemies, Intense,...
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