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Review summary for the Burnout Crash (PS3)

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 34 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Burnout Crash

  4.3 5
Burnout Crash is an arcade style game that takes Burnout 2's Crash Mode and t...

Burnout Crash!

  3 5
As fun as Burnout Paradise was, there was something fundamentally wrong with ...

Burnout Crash

  3.4 5
Burnout Paradise is an incredible game with a lot going for it. It's blisteri...

Burnout Crash! Review

  2.9 5
If there's one thing Criterion know about, its cars. Having had massive succe...

Burnout CRASH!

  2.1 5
Mayhem and destruction are the name of the game in this

Burnout Crash Review

  2.5 5
I've never been to Las Vegas...

Burnout Crash Review

  1.7 5
And burn.

Burnout CRASH!

  3.5 5
Those still in a strop that it isn't the 'proper' Crash mode that we've seen ...

Review: Burnout Crash is a Bad Console Game (But Would be Awesome on iOS)

  2.1 5
Criterion's latest hits all the right notes, but it does so on the wrong plat...

Burnout Crash Review

  3.8 5
The good news: Burnout Crash is fun. The bad news: the obnoxious, juvenile vo...
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