Canon HG21

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Review summary for the Canon HG21

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 283 reviews from magazines and websites. P...

Canon HG21

  4 5
Sporting a viewfinder and a 120GB hard disk, is Canon's HG21 HD camcorder a b...

Review Of The Canon Vixia HG21 Camcorder

When you turn the power on, the inbuilt lens shutter opens up and the magic b...

Canon Vixia HG21 review

  4 5
The Canon Vixia HG21 sports a 1/3in CMOS sensor and the sensor size has a pos...

Canon Vixia HG21 camcorder

The Vixia HG21 is a feature-filled high-definition camcorder that produces gr...

Canon Vixia HG21 camcorder review

The Canon Vixia HG21 is a small, feature-filled high-definition camcorder tha...

Canon Vixia HG21

  4 5
Large sensor and high data rate result in great image quality ; 24p and 30p v...

Review: Canon Vixia HG21 HD camcorder

  4 5
Canon's Vixia HG21 is a feature-filled high-definition camcorder that acts an...

Camcorder Review Canon VIXIA HG21 HD Camcorder

Canon's new VIXIA HG21 is a high-definition hard-disk-drive powerhouse, with ...

Canon HG21

  4 5
Nice video, shame about the price.

Canon HG21

  4 5
A camcorder that offers pro specs for the consumer
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