Canon XH-A1 / A1E / A1S

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Review summary for the Canon XH-A1 / A1E / A1S

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 383 reviews from magazines and websites. P...

Canon XH A1 Camcorder Review

  3 5
Deigned for the digital filmmaker, the Canon XH A1 HDV camcorder delivers ful...

Canon XH A1 Review

  5 5
The XH A1 by Canon is an extremely portable professional level camcorder powe...

Canon XH A1 Digital Camcorder Review

Giving independent videographers something to choose from besides its popular...

Canon XH A1S Camcorder Review

  2.9 5
In the burgeoning market of hand-held pro camcorders, the tape-based Canon XH...

Canon XH A1


Canon XH-A1

Last year, Canon's XH-A1 bowled us over with its keen price and exceptional c...

Canon XH-A1

  4.3 5
Ever since the advent of digital video, Canon has been the uncontested king o...

Prosumer Camcorder Review: Canon XH-A1 HDV

First, the XH-A1 and XH-G1 are nearly identical prosumer camcorders, except t...

Canon XH A1 HDV Camcorder

The XH A1 shares its design structure with both the GL1 and the XL2. The body...

Canon XH A1

Wedding videographers and indie film-makers should check out Canon's XH A1 if...
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