Dead Rising 2 (PS3)

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Review summary for the Dead Rising 2 (PS3)

  4.5 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 155 reviews from magazines and websites. C...

Dead Rising 2

  4.3 5
Grab some Duct Tape. There's zombies to kill. Back in 2006, Dead Rising revol...

Review: Dead Rising 2 for PS3

  4.5 5
People love zombies and hack-and-slash games, so Capcom decided to give peopl...

Dead Rising 2: PS3 Review

  4 5
A quick Dead Rising 2 PS3 Review. An overview of the Story, Gameplay and Pres...

Dead Rising 2 Mod & Tweak Guide

A lively modding & tweaking community has surfaced for Capcom's zombie game -...

Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360, PS3) Review

  4.3 5
Chuck Green has 72 hours to clear his name, keep his daughter alive and save ...

Dead Rising 2

  3.5 5
The zombies are back and so are we, to kick some ass, find other survivors an...

Dead Rising 2

I'm going to review Dead Rising 2. Yes sir, I promise not to goof off at all....

Dead Rising 2 Review

  4.7 5
Hell's still full and Dead Rising is still zombie killing heaven

Dead Rising 2

  4.5 5
When I first heard about Dead Rising way back in 2006, my imagination cooked ...

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Review

  4.3 5
Dead Rising 2 follows the antics of Chuck Greene, former motocross champion t...
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