Disgaea 4- PS3

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Review summary for the Disgaea 4- PS3

  4.2 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 10 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Disgaea 4 (PS3) Review

  4.8 5
The only game that taught me the power of sardines...

Disgaea 4

  4.5 5
Disgaea has been one of the more successful JRPG franchises, already seeing a...

Disgaea 4

  3.8 5
Disgaea 3 was a difficult game to enjoy. That's not to say it wasn't a fun ro...

Disgaea 4 Review

  4 5
Demons, the Netherworld and lots and lots of stats; Disgaea is back. Anyone e...

Review: Disgaea Takes Another Step Forward -- Except On a Treadmill

  2.9 5
Disgaea 4 is as absurd as ever and has much better character sprites, but not...

Disgaea 4 Playtest: Tyrant for a Day, Strategist For A Lifetime

Disgaea 4 is about Valvatorez, a vampire who has sworn off human blood in fav...
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