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Review summary for the Dragon Age: Origins (PS3)

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 72 reviews from magazines and websites. Vi...

Dragon Age: Origins PS3 Review

  3.5 5
Developers Bioware are known by most gamers nowadays thanks to their critical...

Dragon Age: Origins Review

  3.9 5
The spiritual sequel to Baldur's Gate, where not every hero is pure.

Dragon Age Origins Review

  4.5 5
Bioware's latest RPG.

Game Review: Dragon Age: Origins

  4.5 5
Like blood? No… I mean, do you REALLY like blood?

Dragon Age: Origins Review [PS3, X360, PC]

  4.8 5
Baldur's Gate was the first time I had ever heard of the Forgotten Realms. Th...

Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

  5 5
As the spiritual successor to the beloved Baldur’s Gate – and delivered b...

Dragon Age Origins Preview

BioWare's latest RPG will suck you back into the Dragon Age.

PS3 Review – Buzz! Quiz TV

  4.5 5
PlayStation LifeStyle reviews Buzz! Quiz TV for the PlayStation 3.

Dragon Age: Origins Playstation 3 Review

  4.3 5
I have never understood someone who doesn't like RPG's. You create a characte...

Dragon Age: Origins

Brutal Gamer heads to Ferelden to slay some evil breasts beasts.As you're pro...
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