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Review summary for the Driver: Renegade (3DS)

  3.9 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 19 reviews from magazines and websites. So...

Driver Renegade 3D Review

  2.3 5
There's a rather alarming trend I've begun noticing with a lot of Nintendo 3...

Driver: Renegade Review

  1.8 5
Driver: Renegade 3D's solid driving mechanics are squandered on overwhelming ...

Driver: Renegade

Goes from zero to 100% completion in just a few hours

Driver: Renegade review

  2 5
I never felt the urge to jump out of a moving vehicle before. If Driver: Rene...

Driver: Renegade

  1.5 5
Driver: Renegade is a mission-based driving game, in a New York City setting ...
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