Everyday Shooter- PS3

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Review summary for the Everyday Shooter (PS3)

  4 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 14 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Everyday Shooter

Starting with a limited number of lives, a level plays over three or four min...

Riff: Everyday Shooter

  4 5
Although the onset of the downloadable content markets is no doubt one of tho...

Everyday Shooter

Jonathan Mak is a visionary young man. With a notion to create something beau...

Everyday Shooter

  4.5 5
This certainly won't be too many tastes, but if you enjoyed Every Extend Extr...

Everyday Shooter

  4 5
Similar to Super Stardust HD and Blast Factor in its premise, Everyday Shoote...

Everyday Shooter - PS3 Network

  4.5 5
Art, music, and arcade action meld gorgeously in the PS3's must-play answer t...

Everyday Shooter Game Review - Playstation 3

  4.4 5
Porco Rosso was originally to be an in-flight movie for Japan Airlines based ...

Everyday Shooter Review

  4 5
Sony releases an everyday favorite.

A Daily Dose of Shooter Bliss

Everyday Shooter is at once a trip tool, a homage to classic shooters and one...

Everyday Shooter

  4.3 5
The PS3 is becoming the poor man's Wii. I do realize that statement makes ver...
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