Garmin Nuvi 260 / 260W

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Garmin nuvi 260W Review

Garmin's nuvi 260W has been moved to the "Discontinued" section of Garmin's w...

Garmin nuvi 260W

  3 5
As the nuvi 260w has now been replaced by updated models, there is probably b...

Garmin Nuvi 260 review

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Garmin Nuvi 260

Garmin Nuvi 260

  4.1 5
As per the 260W — an easy to use GPS, with great verbal speed and red light c...

Garmin Nuvi 260W

  4 5
A good, easy to use GPS, with great verbal speed and red light camera warning...

Garmin Nuvi 260 and 270 Portable GPS Navigators Review

The Garmin Nuvi 260 and 270 models are less expensive, portable GPS navigator...

Garmin nuvi 260W review

The Garmin nüvi 260W is a member of Garmin's popular entry level nuvi 200 ser...

Garmin Nuvi 260W Widescreen GPS Navigation with Text to Speech

The garmin nuvi 260W is an extension of the nuvi widescreen models which alre...

Garmin nuvi 260 review

UPDATE: A newer model, the nuvi 255, offers these features and more.

Garmin Nuvi 260 Review

I currently own both a Nuvi 250 and a 260, both of which are excellent and wo...
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