Guitar Hero Aerosmith- PS3

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Review summary for the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith- PS3

  4.2 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 67 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

  3.6 5
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is the first in what is sure to become a long line of ...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

  4 5
The Guitar Hero franchise is quickly becoming synonymous with music-based gam...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith PS3 Review

ANYWAY, you didn't click the link to read my inane ramblings about boring pas...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith on Playstation 3

  3.6 5
Guitar Hero 3.5

Guitar Hero Aerosmith Review

  2.7 5
It's the same old story, the same old song and dance. If you�re a fan of Ae...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

  3 5
When developer Neversoft first announced it was working on this, gamers, hack...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith- PS3

  2.5 5
Call it what you like -- milking a franchise or delivering what the market de...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

  3.5 5
The Game: You know a game series has finally made it when it gets a corporate...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review [PC, PS2, PS3, Wii, X360]

  3.8 5
Let me just start off by saying yes, this is a good game and if you like both...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review for the PS3

  2.5 5
I'm so jaded.
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