Heavy Weapon- PS3

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Review summary for the Heavy Weapon- PS3

  3.8 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 9 reviews from magazines and websites. Peo...

Heavy Weapon

  3.5 5
Atomic Tank, F**K YEAH!

Heavy Weapon

  2.9 5
Because Light Weapons just won't do in a global crisis. (PS3)

Heavy Weapon

  2 5
Heavy Weapon is an old school side-scrolling shooter which has been bought in...

Heavy Weapon

  3 5
Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank is something that you wouldn't quite expect to find...

Heavy Weapon - PS3 review at Thunderbolt Games

  4 5
The United States, 1986: the Soviets launch a surprise attack on the US and w...

Heavy Weapon Review (PS3)

  0.5 5
Popcap games are one of a handful of developers who have successfully made th...

Heavy Weapon

  2.9 5
Not the prettiest shooter on the system, but it does have some highlights wor...

Heavy Weapon

Time to get your best shooting hat on, kids.Popcap are good at releasing simp...
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