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  4.5 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 104 reviews from magazines and websites. P...

iRiver Story HD e-reader

  3 5
Google is everywhere right now. The company has made a strong push with its G...

iRiver Story eBook Reader

  3.5 5
Well-known for its media players, iRiver now ventures into the eBook market w...

iRiver Story

  3.4 5
It carries a comparatively high price tag, but the iRiver Story provides a ve...

Iriver WiFi Story e-book reader

  3 5
Unlike Kindle, this one's not 'out of stock'

Iriver Wifi Story

An ebook reader with built-in wireless networking – but it can't do much Th...

Iriver - Wi-Fi Story

If you live in the UK and want an E-Ink-based ebook reader (yes, we know this...

IRiver Wi-Fi Story e-reader review

  3 5
A stylish reader with a dedicated link to the WHSmith e-book store

iRiver Story packs the features in, but this eBook reader is still too pricey

  4.2 5
Nicely designed and packed with features, but a little on the expensive side

iRiver Story review

  3.5 5
On the eve of the iPad launch, we take a look using an iRiver Story eBook rea...

iRiver Story review

We like the iRiver Story. It's smarter looking than the Kindle, or Cooler Rea...
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