LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  4.7 5
We have collected and analyzed 30 expert reviews and 15 user re...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

  3.5 5
The latest in Traveller's Tales' seemingly endless supply of licensed Lego ga...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)

  4 5
The Avengers may have been one of the biggest films of 2012, but it missed ou...

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes review

The best LEGO and Marvel game yet.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes review

  4 5
You could accuse Marvel Super Heroes of being the same as the LEGO games ever...

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Superheroes is a blast from start to finish, has so much going fo...

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  4.4 5
The latest brick-bashing platformer analyzed brick-by-brick on the PlayStatio...

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Review

  3.9 5
If you can swallow the clunky combat, the usual platformer niggles and a few ...

Lego: Marvel Super Heroes

  4.3 5
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes offers an original storyline in which Nick Fury call...

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  4.3 5
Nobody understands licenses like TT Games. Over the course of eight years and...

Lego Marvel Superheroes (360/PS3) Review

  4.8 5
Brick by brick Lego Marvel Superheroes endears you to its particular brand of...
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