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Review summary for the Mirror's Edge (PS3)

  4.2 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 206 reviews from magazines and websites. R...

Mirror’s Edge

  4 5
One of the most unique experiences you will find this year. Creating somethin...

Review: Mirror's Edge

  3.5 5
Let the city be your playground.

Mirror’s Edge

Review by Steerpike Developer DICE Publisher EA Released November 12, 2008 (C...

Mirror's Edge DLC

  4.5 5
Gamerlimit brings you an exclusive look at the new, free map for PS3 Mirrors ...

Mirrors Edge (PS3)

First-person platformers may not be anything new, but with its unique focus o...

Mirror's Edge

  3.5 5
At its core, Mirror's Edge is not innovative. It's a platformer. You'll run a...

Mirror’s Edge Review

  3.5 5
Clearly late for work again, Andrew Bryant is spotted leaping from rooftop to...

Mirror's Edge (PS3, Xbox 360) review

  3.5 5
Welcome, to a future where all information is monitored, rigorously. So rigor...

Mirror's Edge

  4.3 5
EA and DICE took a risk with Mirror's Edge, but ultimately it has paid off. ...

PS3 Review – Mirror’s Edge

  4 5
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