Mugen Souls

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Review summary for the Mugen Souls

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 25 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Mugen Souls Z review

  2 5
A return to form for players who enjoyed the first Mugen Souls, Colorful desi...

Mugen Souls Z


Expert Review

  3.5 5
Ever wondered why heroes do the things they do in RPGs? Or why female charact...

Moe'd Down

Charming an entire group of enemies at once, turning them all into adorable b...

Mugen Souls Review

  2.5 5

Review: Mugen Souls is a game without an audience

  2 5

(PlayStation 3 Review) Mugen Souls

  2.5 5
Mugen Souls has a lot to offer but not a lot of incentives to sink your time ...

Mugen Souls Review (PS3)

  1.5 5
There are better games with Souls in the title.

Mugen Souls Review

Well-drawn character artwork, Some cute digs at RPG conventions

Where Is My Mind?

  1 5
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