Need for Speed Undercover- PS3

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Review summary for the Need for Speed Undercover- PS3

  4 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 218 reviews from magazines and websites. R...

Need for Speed Undercover

  3 5
Recent Need for Speed titles have left a bad taste in the mouth for a lot of ...

Need for Speed Undercover (PS3) Review

  3.4 5
A decent racing game marred by technical issues.

Need For Speed Undercover

  3 5
Need for Speed: Undercover sorely wants to be considered as a hardcore racing...

Need for Speed: Undercover

  3 5
Undercover offers players the freedom to cruise around the game's world -- th...

Need for Speed: Undercover Xbox 360, PS3 Review

  3 5
Slow and steady may very well win you a metaphorical race, but in reality tha...

Need for Speed: Undercover

  2.5 5
Twelfth game in the series eh? Well you'd think that by now something that ha...

Need for Speed Undercover (PlayStation 3) - Gameplanet Review

  3.3 5
An unimpressive arcade racing experience. Need for Speed: Undercover seems to...

Need For Speed: Undercover (PS3) review

  3.6 5
A lower profile, but not the low-light of the series

Need for Speed Undercover

  2.5 5
The venerable racing franchise attempts a return to its glory days but winds ...

Need for Speed Undercover Review

  3.5 5
Shoddy graphics and a lame-duck storyline aren't enough to slow down this Spe...
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