NHL 2K10 (PS3)

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Review summary for the NHL 2K10 (PS3)

  3.8 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 11 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

NHL 10 vs NHL 2K10 Xbox 360, PS3 Review

Two ice hockey games – one renowned for its realism and depth, the other reno...

Review: NHL 2K10 (Sony PS3)

One last thing concerning the graphics. During gameplay, in both single pla...

NHL 2K10

  3.5 5
NHL 2K10 may be a shallow, straightforward arcade hockey game, but it isn't w...

NHL 2K10

  4.3 5
New motion controls make the Wii version of NHL 2K10 an impressive and unique...

NHL 2K10

  4 5
2K's latest game of puck is also the most full-featured sports game on the sy...

NHL 2K10: Q&A With Randy Hahn

My wife likes Randy Hahn. In fact, she's a big fan of Hahn and Drew Remenda--...

NHL 2K10: Top Ten Players at Each Position

Yesterday 2K Sports reps sent along the player ratings for its upcoming hocke...
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