Overlord II - PS3

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Review summary for the Overlord II - PS3

  4.1 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 28 reviews from magazines and websites. Co...

Overlord II - PS3 review at Thunderbolt Games

  2.5 5
Overlord II is - initially, at least - an easy game to like. Its style and si...

Overlord II (Xbox 360)

Do you remember Overlord? A game that came out in 2007 that blended action an...

Overlord II

  3.8 5
Games Xtreme returns to the Netherworld to see what's cooking in Overlord II.

Overlord II Review

  3.8 5
You wouldn't want to come face-to-face with a minion. These horrible Gremlin-...

Overlord II

  4 5
If you've always wanted to command a group of ugly creatures that can sing Ri...

Overlord II

  4.2 5
While moral choice systems are the feature du jour for contemporary games, th...

Overlord II (2009)

  2 5
In a console world dominated by sleepy sequels, the best most players can hop...

Overlord II- PS3

  3.5 5
Overlord was one of my favorite games of 2007. Its unique gameplay, evil-mind...

Overlord II

  3.8 5
OverLord II goes forth to spread it's off beat humor along with a heaping hel...

Overlord II for the PS3

  5 5
Fans of Overlord I take heed! Overlord II is out and rocking along with some ...
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