Race Driver: GRID- PS3

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Review summary for the Race Driver: GRID- PS3

  4.2 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 277 reviews from magazines and websites. C...

Race Driver: GRID

Samo takes a spin of the latest Touring Car/Race Driver series from Codemast...

Race Driver: GRID

  4.5 5
Codemasters have become associated with successful racing franchises over the...

Race Driver GRID Review (PS3)

Codemasters have a long list of reasonably well respected racing games. TOCA ...

Race Driver GRID

  4.5 5
The complete racing package, Race Driver GRID is perfectly tuned to produce a...

Race Driver: GRID

  4.9 5
In a world where the racing game genre is flooded with Burnouts, Need for Spe...

Race Driver: GRID

  4 5
The Codemasters folk really love their racing, don't they? Following their hu...

Race Driver: GRID Review

  4 5
GRID blends arcade action and technical realism wonderfully, despite mild fru...

Race Driver GRID

You can feel every gear shift, every bump in the road, every shunt from a riv...

Race Driver: Grid

  4.5 5

Race Driver: GRID (PS3) review

  4.3 5
What's wrong with being racey?
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