Renegade Ops- PS3

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Review summary for the Renegade Ops- PS3

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 18 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Renegade Ops

We slap some camo paint on Mirne and send her behind enemy lines to check out...

Renegade Ops

  3.8 5
I can't shake the feeling of nostalgia Renegade Ops gives me regarding an old...

Renegade Ops

  4 5
Why is the film Commando so good? Fantastic music, wall to wall combat, or th...

Review: Renegade Ops

  4.2 5
It's easy to look at B-level action movies and think about how bad they are. ...

Renegade Ops - PS3 review at Thunderbolt Games

  4 5
The most pleasant thing about Renegade Ops is it never once tries to be what ...

Renegade Ops

  3 5
If you're looking for a demanding blast from the past, Renegade Ops will sort...

Renegade Ops Review

  4 5
Explosive combat and terrific controls make Renegade Ops a great vehicular du...
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