Sony Webbie MHS-PM1

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Review summary for the Sony Webbie MHS-PM1

  4.3 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 406 reviews from magazines and websites. R...

Sony MHS–PM1

  3 5
The Sony MHS–PM1 is one of first and most exciting entry is the mini type of ...

Sony Bloggie MHS-PM1 camcorder

  3 5
For those spur of the moment video clips, most of us are now well used to sim...

Sony MHS-PM1 HD camera review

  4.2 5
Sony's MHS-PM1 HD camera offers 1080p (1440 x 1080) HD video recording at 30 ...

Sony MHS-PM1 review

  3 5
A decent budget camcorder, but nothing spectacular

Sony MHS-PM1

  3 5
Sony comes a little late to the pocket-sized camcorder party. It's following ...

Sony MHS-PM1 review

  3 5
Sony's lifejacket-orange pocket camcorder certainly catches the eye. But will...

Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Pocket High Definition Camcorder Reviewed

View the sample video here

Sony Webbie HD MHS-PM1 pocket camcorder

  3.8 5
The first pocket camcorder with 1080p video recording

Videomaker's 2009 Best Pocket Camcorder: Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Pocket High Definition Camcorder Review

A solid addition to the growing line-up of pocket Web-oriented HD camcorders.

Sony MHS-PM1 review

  4 5
Great for shooting video of yourself, but we prefer the simplicity of Flip's ...
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