Thief- PS4

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Thief- PS4

  4.6 5
We have collected and analyzed 17 expert reviews and 5 user rev...

THIEF Review

  3.8 5
The Thief reboot has been on the cards for a number of years. It's seen some ...


  2 5
The most recent entry in the Thief series was met with significant criticism ...

Thief (PS4) Review

  3.5 5
Does thief live up to its predecessors, or is it just a shadowy impostor?


  3.6 5
Thief is back. Lock your doors, check your wallets, and stay in brightly lit ...

Thief review

Bestow upon you the rank of master thief, MMGN does not.

Thief: The Most Grim, Oppressive Game I’ve Ever Played

If a game sets out on such a dedicated mission to make its places and faces s...

Thief Review

  2.6 5
Like I said earlier, if you're coming in expecting a Thief game like those fr...
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