Tomodachi Life (3DS)

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  4.5 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 11 reviews from magazines and websites. So...

Tomodachi Life

  3 5
Ever had a nightmare about a road trip with Snoop Dogg, Samus Aran, and a Pro...

Ultra Street Fighter IV

  4.5 5
Five years ago, Capcom’s Street Fighter IV single-handedly revitalized the fi...

Tomodachi Life review: The surreal world

What happens when your favorite celebrities and fictional characters live tog...


All my other friends' Miis have found sweethearts and I think I'm a monster w...

Tomodachi Life

  4 5
It's a weird and wonderful life in Nintendo's island world.

Tomodachi Life Day One: It’s All Happening So Fast!

Tomodachi Life begins on Crawford Island, but somehow everything seems to be ...
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