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  3.9 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 25 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Top Gun Review

  2.8 5
Over the years Top Gun has had its share of games, with most of them being re...

Top Gun (PC) Review

  2 5
Doublesix pays homage to the film and games of old -- but does it have the sa...

Top Gun

  2 5
Flight sims have sort of found a comfortable niche to hang out in. The more c...

Top Gun (PS3) review

  1.5 5
Depending how old you are, you may possess one of a number of possible affini...

Top Gun PS3 Review

  2.5 5
When Top-Gun the film was realised in 1986 it broke records and became a clas...

Top Gun

  2.3 5
Top Gun isn't the worst flight combat game out there, but there are also far ...

Top Gun

  2 5
If you're a fan of the film, the arcade game or even the GameCube versions of...

Top Gun Review for the PS3

  2.1 5
I don't care how awesome the movie is, I'm sick of that “Danger Zone” song.

Top Gun

  2.5 5
It's always interesting to me when a publisher wants to develop a new game of...

Top Gun

  3.3 5
As a total fanboy of all things 80's, Top Gun holds a special place in my hea...
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