WWE 12

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Review summary for the WWE 12

  4.6 5
alaTest has collected and analyzed 52 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

WWE 12

  4 5

WWE 12 review

  4 5
Fast paced combat, Gigantic selection of off and online modes, Great roster w...

Review: WWE '12 (X360)

  3.5 5
Great graphics; Smooth transitions between moves; Improved gameplay mechanics...

WWE '12 Review

WWE '12 review

WWE '12 is extravagant, conflicted and rough around the edges but always comp...

Intense wrestling with body slams, kicks, and some blood.

Parents need to know that WWE 12 is a simulation of the World Wrestling Enter...

WWE 12 (Xbox 360) Review

  0.5 5
On a gameplay aspect, the changes to the controls make the game more accessib...

WWE ’12

It’s a series that needs a lot of work and WWE’12 is the first step towards s...

WWE '12 Review

Enhanced realism, Lots of customization options

'WWE 12' review (PS3)

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