Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360)

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Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360)

  4.3 5
We have collected and analyzed 29 expert reviews and 101 user r...

Review: Mirror's Edge

  3.5 5
Let the city be your playground.

Mirror’s Edge

  4 5
There's something eminently disturbing about a future dystopian world that si...

Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trials (Xbox 360, PS3) review

  4.5 5
Remember how amazing it was, the first time you downloaded the Mirror's Edge ...

Mirror’s Edge

Review by Steerpike Developer DICE Publisher EA Released November 12, 2008 (C...

Mirror's Edge

  4 5
In order to conquor this game, you must first learn the five d's of Mirrors E...

Mirror’s Edge Review

  3.5 5
Clearly late for work again, Andrew Bryant is spotted leaping from rooftop to...

Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360) Review

EA: We've got a hot chick running for her life, doing death defying stunts in...

Mirror’s Edge

  3.3 5
Videogames can be a way to do things that a person might never get the chance...

Mirrors Edge

  3.5 5
Regular readers of the site will know that I have been ranting about Mirrors ...

Mirror's Edge (360)

  2.5 5
Tech demo of the year.
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