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Oculus Quest 2

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We have collected and analyzed 23 expert reviews and 1321 user ...

Meta Quest 2 review: VR superstar

  5 5
The second-gen update to the tether-free, wireless virtual reality headset fr...

Oculus Quest 2 review: The best VR experience for most people

  4.5 5
Facebook is competing with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft in a very real way w...

Meta Quest 2 Review

  4.5 5
Doesn't require any cables ; Sharp display ; Powerful processor ; Accurate mo...

The Quest 2 Is More Expensive, But It's Still the Best VR Headset For Now

  4.4 5
The Meta Quest 2 is two years old and $101 more expensive. For now, though, i...

Oculus Quest 2 review

  5 5
The Oculus Quest 2 is the only VR headset you should consider buying right no...

Meta Quest 2 review: The affordable VR headset we've been waiting for

  4.5 5
Meta Quest 2, formerly Oculus Quest 2, bridges the gap between affordability ...

Oculus Quest 2 review: Facebook's $299 VR headset is still one of my favorite game consoles

  4.4 5
The Quest 2 gets a bump-up in storage, and continues to get software upgrades...

Oculus Quest 2 Review: Mainstream VR Is Here - UNBOX PH

Verdict: VR is finally hitting the mainstream with the Oculus Quest 2. With a...

Oculus Quest 2 Review: Lighter, Faster, Better

  4.5 5
The most accessible VR headset gets better.

Oculus Quest 2 review

  4 5
The Oculus Quest 2's price, game library and overall ease of use make it the ...
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